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Hello. Welcome to my videography page. I have been a freelance videographer since 1994. I first got into broadcasting by volunteering at Rogers Television 22 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Within 8 months of starting my volunteering I was hired on as a freelance producer for their gardening show. I was later hired on fulltime as a mobile Producer/Technical Producer. I found the hands on training to be invaluable. While at Rogers I developed many skills from studio to mobile production. I was later able to use this knowledge in my freelance work. I have covered many different types of events from sports, music, political and corporate productions. While at Rogers I produced their gardening show called "Planting Ideas" and also the science show "Its in our Nature" with the partnership of the Museum of Nature and Canadian Geographic magazine.

I left Rogers in 2000 to pursue a freelance career in Video Production. This has allowed me to work with many excellent production companies and local news stations, such as Global Television, CPAC, Big North Media, Affinity Productions, Frischkorn Associates (Toronto) and Tri-Lite TV(Toronto). There have been many others but would take too long to list them here. Some recent projects I have had the privilege to work on are:

2009 Genie Awards - Edit the Picture Entertainment
Arrowmight Literacy Project - Al Joyner Productions
Road Grill - Knight Television
Naked Fashion - BBC/Dome production
Global National - Canwest/Global Production
Canspell (Canada's Spelling Bee) - Canwest/Global Production(Three seasons)
CAB Awards - Canadian Association of Broadcasters - Affinity/Dome(Two Seasons)

Even though I am primarily a Videographer I have developed a network of very talented people to take a production from start to finish.

These consist of:
Artists - to help storyboard your production or design artwork for visual material
Voice Actors - for voice overs and narrations
Videographers - Single camera or Multiple camera projects
Audio Specialists
Autocue Technicians

I also have the capabilities to make copies of your DVD or CD projects. Whether it is only a few or hundreds of copies I can offer competitive pricing. More information about copying your projects can be found on the Duplications

As an extension of my Videography I have recently taken up Photography as hobby and as a profession. On the Photography page you will find more information about my photographs and information on photography. I will be adding photographs continuously as I increase my portfolio and Stock Picture library. Check frequently to see my recent additions.

Skyscraper banner for www.coolphotographygear.com